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The database of freshwater tropical aquarium fish, plants & biotopes

What we do

Aqua-Fish.Net provides comprehensive information on the most common and the most popular aquatic creatures, and we also offer free advice on the species.

We are a large forum for both beginners and aquarium experts

Aqua-Fish.Net has been online since 2005 and we list 743 profiles of freshwater aquarium fish, 157 profiles of aquatic plants, 18 biotopes and all of that is surrounded by 8489 comments, questions and answers, and 353 articles! In addition we offer you a calculator to plan how to stock your tank. Moreover we offer a database of marine species at

You may also search through records in our database depending on your requirements - searches may be performed based upon behaviour, demands on the temperature, other water parameters, or you can also search whole families of fish and plants.

We want you to find your answers here

Bear in mind your questions, answers and opinions are valuable and therefore feel free to share your experiences; Simply find a fish or plant you'd like to talk about and post your ideas there!

As aquascaping comes hand in hand with garden ponds, loving animals and growing plants we're also offering a manually selected list of resources for florists, and our other project at Our other list of resources is devoted to CPR First Aid Resources as there definitely is a chance of an injury when dealing with fish or when setting up tank equipment such as heavy rocks, handling glass parts or eventually with electricity!

Rare and exotic species of fish and plants

We do focus on providing comprehensive information which is updated on a regular basis, however we do not limit the knowledge just to Guppies or Platies, we also provide requirements of quite rare fish such as Pacu, various Puffers, Bacopa, or Echinodorus. Many of our visitors are expert keepers, even go fishing occasionally to places including Missouri, Pennsylvania, or Montana and so on! To those living or visiting Missouri we provide Branson Missouri resource guide and further resources are about to be added as time goes by!

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